Compliance Management

We run our business in a legal way
by following domestic and foreign laws.
For Compliance Management , Dongkuk Holdings operates Compliance Office and Win-Win Growth Office as organizations supporting law abidingness,
and take compliance and fair trade activities by establishing Win-Win Growth Committee and operating compliance manager system.
In addition, all executives and employees of Dongkuk Holdings recognize compliance risk on the basis of the compliance program of Dongkuk Holdings.
What is
DK Compliance
This compliance program is the compliance system and behavior rules set forth for Dongkuk Holdings to comply with laws.
It means the activity of enhancing corporate competitiveness and pursuing sustainable growth by suggesting clear behavior criteria of compliance to executives and employees, monitoring their compliance, preventing any loss caused by law violation, and building up external trust.

fair competition enhance img
The Necessity of
he regulations for unfair business practices made by fierce market competition are enhanced. Unfair business practices emerge as the main threats of management, such as corporate loss and external & internal credibility fall
Enhancement of fair competition regulations
Enhancing of regulation activities for protecting consumers’ rights
Enhancing the planning survey for unfair
business practices in market
Imposing high taxes and civil & criminal
penalties in case of law violation
Change of internal environment
Unfair business practices are emerged as the main threats of management.
The necessity of compliance program increases.
Change of market environment
Enhancing of penalties for unfair business practices made by fierce competition
Worse social awareness of unfair business practices
Understand fair trade laws and draws risks
Establish fair trade order through work process and regulations
Draw and apply improvement measures through causal analysis on risks
The operation
process of
the Compliance
Compliance Program Download
01 Prevention
Clarification of CEO’s intention of compliance
Appointment of compliance manager
Regular & irregular compliance education
Compliance guideline offering in each area
Executives and employees’ pledge of compliance
02 Monitoring
Regular & irregular
compliance monitoring by a team in charge
Sanctions on law violation acts
03 Follow-up management
Investigation of fundamental causes of problems through process & result analysis
Effort for prevention reoccurrence by introducing cases in education
Performance evaluation of program operation
Improvement in procedure & system
The introduction
effect of the
Compliance Program
Accomplish fair competition, practice transparent management and ethical management, and improve corporate image
Achieve sound corporate value by minimizing corporate loss through the prevention of the loss caused by law violation
Achieve sound corporate value
Pursue a sound corporate value by establishing a fair competition system
- A compliance program for fair competition tended to be standardized globally.
- About 420 domestic firms introduce and operate a compliance program.
Prevent the loss caused by law violation
Prevent economic losses including a fine, a penalty, and compensation for damages, and civil and criminal responsibilities of executives and employees
Improve internal & external corporate credibility
Improve internal and external corporate image
- Social awareness of the enterprises practicing transparent management, and compliance management is improved.
Exempt from ex officio investigation
Exempt from ex officio investigation in the field of fair trade
(if grade A and higher is acquired in CP rating assessment)