Company Introduction

Management Philosophy Vision
Chang Sang Tae, former Honorary Chairman of DongKuk
Steel Group, established and announced the management
philosophy of the company in January 1977.
Cultural Development
  • We shall produce products and services necessary for the improvement and advancement of human life, and furthermore, we shall contribute to cultural development
  • In order to attain this objective, specific methods shall be determined by the power and wisdom of all employees, according to the changes of time.
Talented People Training
  • We shall try to develop our human resources prior to the production of our products and services.
  • For this purpose, in principle everyone shall be given an equal opportunity and shall spur equal efforts.
  • We shall also be committed to the cultivation and appointment of talented individuals.
Excellent Quality
  • Our products and services shall be excellent in quality, low in price and perfect in terms of services.
  • Profit is not the purpose of our corporation, but the result of our efforts, which shall be proper compensation.
  • Cost savings, quality innovation, product and service differentiation contribute to the size of our profits and provides a measure of our efforts
Technology Innovation
  • We shall constantly try to improve policies and lead new technical innovations according to the changes of time.
  • While respecting good traditions and customs, we shall not hesitate toward reformations and enhancements for the purpose of ensuring progressive advancement and improvement.
  • In every area, competition is the basic driving force behind advances and progress.
  • Nevertheless, excessive competition leads to destruction, and efforts shall be made to ensure both internal and external cooperation.
Social Contributions
  • Management shall be decided upon and executed by combining the wisdom of all involved. The compensation for the results shall be allocated evenly according to human capital, and furthermore, efforts shall be made to give back to society.
  • Awareness of the management responsibilities shall be clarified hierarchically, and top management shall be ultimately responsible