We add value to iron with solid passion
Dongkuk Steel and Dongkuk CM make steel products that enrich the world with bold innovation and unrivaled technology.
Dongkuk Steel
the first private Korean steel company established in 1954,
based on the philosophy of steel patriotism and has contributed towards
Korea’s economic and industrial development with the best steel products to this day.
Since the eco-friendly Eco-Arc furnace was introduced first in Korea
we have saved energy consumption by 30% and has reduced greenhouse gas emissions,
leading the eco-friendly production.
production capacity 360 million tons
Reinforcing Bars
We produce high-strength and ultra-high-strength reinforcing bars of various standards,
and supply differentiated products by acquiring the KS certification for earthquake-resistant reinforcing bars first in Korea
and introducing D-KOIL, a premium coil rebar brand.
production capacity 2.75million tons
We manufacture H-beams, angles, and channels with excellent cross-sectional performance,
as well as safety-specialized products such as earthquake-resistant H-beams and DK-Deck, patterned H-beam.
production capacity 130 million tons
Steel Plates
Based on the know-how of producing steel plates for the first time in Korea,
we produce from general to high-grade steel as well as DK LP-Plate applied with the highest rolling technology.
production capacity 1.5 million tons
Dongkuk CM
Dongkuk CM, which started the production of pre-coated metal for the first time in Korea in 1972,
has established itself as a solid first mover in the pre-coated metal market with Luxteel,
the first steel brand in Korea, and Appsteel, a premium pre-coated metal brand for home appliances
Pre-Coated Metal
Dongkuk CM, which has the world's largest production capacity for pre-coated metal,
leads the global pre-coated metal market with premium brands Luxteel and Appsteel.
production capacity 85 million tons
Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel
Based on the highest level of galvanizing technology, we are producing electro-galvanized iron,
galvanized iron, galvalume steel, and Mg alloy galvanized steel.
Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel production capacity 1.70 million tons
Electro Galvanized Steel(EGI) 42 million tons
Galvanized Steel(GI) 132 million tons
Processed products for construction
This can be possible to represent luxurious touch with associated beauty and strength at Cold Rolled & Galvanized Steel.
Also, it produces unique items that are capable to be expressed as processed products for construction