Social Contribution

We implement happy sharing to make the world better.
Dongkuk Steel realizes that communities are the basis of corporate business. Since the establishment in 1954, the company
has constantly implemented ‘sharing together with neighbors’.
Based on the management philosophy ‘Giving back to society’, the company fulfills its responsibility as a corporate citizen in society.
Chang Kyung Ho, the founder
Gave his whole private property worth 3.5 billion KRW (about 300 billion KRW on the basis the current asset value) to society
Chang Sang Tae, the honorary CEO
Established Songwon Culture Foundation with 10 billion KRW, a part of the special profits generated after the land for workplace relocation was sold.
Chang Sae Joo, CEO
Increased the capital of Songwon Culture Foundation to 30 billion KRW and systemized social contribution activities by beginning to give scholarship to students majoring in natural science and engineering
Songwon Culture Foundation
Main Areas
scholarship, financial support for academic research
Community Welfare
financial support for living, medical cost, and spot goods for the vulnerable
exhibition, free spatial lease, sponsorship for culture & arts groups
Establishment Purpose
In December 1996, Songwon Culture Foundation was established with some of profits which were made when Dongkuk Steel relocated its main Busan Works built in 1963 to Pohang, in order to contribute to communities.

The first project was to give scholarship to students in Busan in 1998. In addition,
the foundation gave financial support to industry-academia groups and schools in order for their book purchase and research.

Together with Dongkuk Steel, Songwon Culture Foundation has chosen excellent students majoring in natural science and engineering to give them scholarship since 2004. The foundation regularly holds various events and support activities in order to help out the senior living alone and the vulnerable with difficulties. In addition, with Songwon Arts Center, the foundation continuously widens its culture & arts activities.
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