Executive Message

Dongkuk Steel is the first private Korean steel company established in 1954,
based on the philosophy of steel patriotism and has contributed towards
Korea’s economic and industrial development with the best steel products to this day.
Our products are used as crucial resources in various industries such as construction, home appliances, machinery, shipbuilding, and more.
And once these steel products have reached the end of their life span, they turn into steel scraps that work as raw materials of molten steel
and are reborn as new steel products through Dongkuk Steel. This is the core essence of the business that we have pursued
since its foundation, by following the path of our philosophical foundation, "contributing to cultural development" through steel.

And in the core of all activities, there are people. Human resources growth is directly linked to the development and
competitive growth of the company. Dongkuk Steel’s corporate culture of “Win-win labor-management relations” and
“family-friendly company” are our longstanding tradition. We will continue to pursue sustainable growth by further developing
a people-centric corporate culture.

Dongkuk Steel will diligently achieve a low-carbon circular economy and become a trustworthy management
by fulfilling our social responsibility. As one of the members of the social community, we will become a trusted company
not only for our employees but also for all stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, partners, and local communities.

Please pay close attention to Donkuk Steel as we move forward to become "the most competitive global steel company."
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