Executive Message

“Dongkuk Steel Group will build its competitiveness by prioritizing corporate value enhancement centered on sustainable growth.”
Dongkuk Holdings, a surviving corporation of Dongkuk Steel, Korea's first private steel company founded
in 1954 on the basis of the philosophy of steel patriotism, switched to a holding company system on June 1, 2023.

Dongkuk Holdings serves as the group's control tower under the management philosophy of “providing products
and services for the enhancement and improvement of human life and further contributing to the development of culture.”
We are also dedicated to raising the group's management efficiency and synergy and developing new growth engines.

Each of our business companies in the steel, logistics, IT, and infrastructure sectors will
relentlessly bolster their competitiveness centering on their expertise.
Every business company should be oriented towards securing differentiated competitiveness
at home and abroad through the “establishment of an independent survival system.”

We will make every effort to excel in each field and inherit the traditional culture.
We will also achieve development of our group as a whole by incorporating the foresight
of all employees through reform and improvement.

We, as a member of the social community, will achieve a circular low-carbon society,
ensure trustworthy management, fulfill our social responsibilities, and become a company trusted by all stakeholders,
including shareholders, customers, partners, and local communities, as well as employees.

Thank you.