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For the past 64 years, Dongkuk Steel has been growing steadily with pride as a mainstream of the Korean steel industry and indomitable commitment as a leader of steel industry.

While a small steel manufacturer becomes the basic of technology and, furthermore, builds a global steel manufacturing belt, our work field has been filled with responsibility of making the basic framework of life, fighting spirit to set a record and challenges to make the future of steel.

Time will be era as technology advances to change the world. Now, Dongkuk Steel create a history of a hundred years over more than a half a century's time and a half a century of technology.

New history of Dongkuk Steel begins when we concentrate our effort to persevere in the path of steel we have walked on, collect wisdom through consensus and gather strengths believing in our potential power built up for the last 64 years with eagerness of responding quickly to changes in the time.

64 years of power

100 years of future
A company built by people of steel,
Dongkuk Steel.

Starting with the production of small nails in 1954
Dongkuk Steel, the first private steel manufacturer in Korea,
has gained prominence as one of the world’s leading steel manufacturers.

Thanks to technological prowess and unrelenting enthusiasm,
Dongkuk Steel has turned the hopes of the future into innovations of today.

Its title changed from “Korea’s first” to “World’s best,”
and what seemed impossible was proven possible by its indomitable spirit and creative wisdom.

Building on the synergies unleashed by its diverse subsidiaries,
Dongkuk Steel plans to become an integrated steelmaker.

From global integrated shipping logistics company Intergis,
Integrated electronic parts producer DK UIL,
IT solution provider DK UNC,
To integrated property management company Ferrum Infra,
We are proud to have them as our subsidiaries.

Armed with technological prowess, state-of-the-art facilities and systems,
Dongkuk Steel provides the best-in-class steel products to its domestic and international clients.

With its global reach spanning from the US, Mexico, Japan, China, India, Brazil and to Thailand, Dongkuk Steel is emerging as a global household name.

Pohang Works, which ushered in the phase two of Dongkuk Steel,
produces a broad range of top-notch sections and reinforcing bars
through continued facility upgrades and technology innovation.

The R&D Center seeks to sharpen the global competitiveness of Dongkuk Steel
by developing innovative and path-breaking products and technologies.

Incheon Works is an eco-friendly steel mill responsible for production of reinforcing bars. It introduced the Eco-Arc electric furnace for the first time in Korea and set the world record in steelmaking capacity.

Dangjin Works produces 1.5 million tons of steel plates a year.
With all of its production lines under tight control of a leading-edge system,
The plant leads the steel plate market with its sophisticated offerings that set themselves apart from others.

Busan Works has the world’s largest pre-painted steel production facility,
responsible for premium pre-painted steel brands, namely Luxteel and Appsteel.

Shinpyung Works, which mirrors the history and the pride of Dongkuk Steel, manufactures small-and medium-sized sections of all types to cater to the varying needs of customers.

Dongkuk Steel makes 3.6 million tons of molten steel a year in Incheon and Pohang Works.
Its milestone achievements range from the introduction of electric furnaces in steelmaking process for the first time in Korea, to environment-friendly Eco-Arc electric furnace, which is designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

We also produce high-strength reinforcing bars of varying specifications and ultra-high-strength reinforcing bars for construction of high-rise buildings
and have successfully established Korean Industrial Standard specifications for earthquake-resistant reinforcing bars for the first time in Korea.

We produce a wide array of sections, such as H-beams, angles, channels, flat bars, and profiles.
Having exceeded 10 million tons in cumulative production volume of H-beams,
we have strengthened the foundation for mass production of Sections in new varieties and specifications.

Dongkuk Steel is equipped with high-tech production facilities including Mulpic and heat treatment furnace, which enable the production of not only general steel plates but also high-class plates such as high-strength plates, TMCP steels, heat treated steels and offshore steel plates.

Cold rolled steels are made with exceptional technologies and in strict compliance with procedures.
Boasting excellent flatness and press formability, they are used as a base material for various purposes.

Dongkuk Steel produces electrolytic galvanized steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and galvalume steel for interior and exterior construction materials, car components and home appliances.

Being the world’s first steelmaker to launch a Pre-painted steel brand, Dongkuk Steel leads the global market with its Luxteel and Appsteel brands.

Luxteel is designed for interior and exterior construction materials,
while Appsteel, designated as “World-Class Product” by the Korean government, is used for home appliances.

Starting with the Brazil-based CSP, a three-million-ton blast furnace steel mill,
Dongkuk Steel aims to be a leading global integrated steelmaker.

Tapping the “Steel Belt” that connects Korea and Brazil, we seek to expand our footprint to Latin America, North America and even Europe, and build
on the strengths of local subsidiaries and cutting-edge production lines, to step forward as the company of steel with a robust global presence.

In Dongkuk Steel,
We know that advancing ourselves through technology
is the very start of innovations that will turn our dreams into reality.

We believe that our commitment, which is as strong as steel,
will write a new chapter of human-oriented technologies.

World Steel Developer,
Dongkuk Steel.
技術の強い東国製鋼が 鉄の新しい価値を創造しています。

1963 民間企業初の大規模鉄鋼工場建設
1971 国内初→韓国初の厚板生産


1993 国内初→韓国初の直流電気炉導入
1994 国内初→韓国初の恒久的無ストライキ宣言


2004 創立50周年Change & Growthビジョン宣言
2009 唐津厚板工場竣工
2010 本社新規社屋Ferrum Tower竣工
2012 ブラジル製鉄所「CSP」 着工




国内初→韓国初のTwin Vessel Type電気炉を導入した東国製鋼は




世界初のタンデムミルによりInverted Angles→Angleを商用化させた→商用化した技術力を通じて、



ブラジルから、 韓国をつなぐ鉄鋼ベルトを構築し



1963年 第一个建设大规模钢铁工厂的民营企业。
1971年 在韩国最早生产厚板


1993年 在韩国最早引进直流电炉
1994年 在韩国第一个宣布恒久无罢工

2004年 宣布公司成立50周年Change & Growth(变化和发展)愿景
2010年 唐津厚板工厂竣工
2010年 总公司新办公楼Ferrum Tower(钢铁大厦)将竣工
2012 巴西炼铁厂CSP着工

与新建的Ferrum Tower(钢铁大厦)一起向未来发起新的挑战


东国制钢在韩国最早引进双转炉式(Twin Vessel Type)电炉,如今年生产360万吨梁用异型坯、方坯、大型方坯。

厚板是东国制钢的主打产品,公司在韩国第一个引进工作辊横移(Work Roll Shift)系统,
生产从普通钢到造船用高张力钢的全套产品,并且 把精度、平整度等产品质量标准提升到了世界顶级水准 尤其是,生产海洋设备专用的厚板、造船专用高强度TMCP钢厚板等


东国制钢以全球第一个在连轧机(Tandem Mill)上实现角钢(Inverted Angle)商用化的技术实力,能够生产多品种、多规格的产品。.




建立连接巴西塞阿拉 和韩国的钢铁纽带,


A Dongkuk Steel possui alta tecnologia e está criando um novo valor para o aço.

Primeira Empresa Siderúrgica Privada
1963 - Primeira construção privada para produção em larga escala.
1971 - Primeira Produção de Chapa de Aço no País.

A Dongkuk Steel lidera a produção de chapa grossa de aço,
sendo a primeira empresa siderúrgica privada da Coreia.

Primeira Introdução do Forno de Arco Elétrico
1993 -Primeira Introdução do Forno de Arco Elétrico com Corrente Contínua
1994 - Primeiro Manifesto de Não-Greve no País

A Dongkuk Steel possui avançada tecnologia mundial para produção de aço e alcançou
crescimento rápido introduzindo o primeiro forno elétrico a arco de corrente contínua no país.

- Empresa Siderúrgica Mundial
2004 - Manifesto da Visão de Mudança & Crescimento no Aniversário de 50 Anos da Empresa
2009 - Construção da Fábrica da Chapa de Aço em Dangjin
2010 - Construção do FERRUM TOWER (Novo Edifício da Sede)
2012 Início da construção da CSP no Brasil

Produzirá placas de aço com a construção da CSP-Companhia Siderúrgica do Pecém no estado do Ceará – Brasil.
Começará um desafio novo com FERRUM TOWER.

A Dongkuk Steel tem capacidade de produção de 8 milhões de toneladas de aço anuais, de chapas, barras, perfis de aço, etc.
nas 4 plantas nas cidades de: Pohang, Incheon, Dangjin e Busan.
Está aumentando sua competitividade global com o estabelecimento de empresas nos Estados Unidos, Japão, China, Brasil e Dubai.

A Dongkuk Steel produz 3.6 milhões de toneladas anuais de tarugos,
barras e vergalhão no forno de arco elétrico tipo vaso duplo, o primeiro instalado no país.
Especialmente em 2011, introduzirá novo padrão com a implantação de equipamentos anti-poluição de alta tecnologia.

O principal produto da Dongkuk Steel é chapa grossa de aço,
produzida com a utilização do sistema de alta tecnologia, work roll shift, que proporciona o mais alto nível de qualidade, precisão e de planicidade.
Também está liderando o aumento do mercado produzindo produtos de placas de aço com alto valor agregado, placas de aço TMCP de alta intensidade para construção naval e placas para estruturas marítimas.

Utilizando equipamentos de PLCTM, que possibilita a laminação contínua, e o sistema de congelamento rápido QTB únicos no país,
a Dongkuk Steel assegura a mais alta qualidade e produtividade, com redução de custo, aumento da competitividade e da taxa de retorno dos seus produtos.

A Dongkuk Steel produz vários tipos de aço, tais como, perfis, barras, tarugos e blocos.

Instituto Central de Tecnologia é o núcleo da competitividade da Dongkuk Steel.
Através de um método intensivo de coletas de informações e conhecimento da indústria de aço do mundo inteiro e também, através do desenvolvimento de tecnologias de fabricação de aço de alto valor agregado a empresa está criando novos valores para clientes.

A Dongkuk Steel atua permanentemente na preservação do meio ambiente do nosso planeta.
Está comprometida com a redução da emissão do gás de estufa, através de várias iniciativas de racionalização de utilização de energia e do uso de energia limpa.
A empresa atua com responsabilidade social, ambiental e econômica de forma compartilhada e voluntária.
A Dongkuk Steel se relaciona cordialmente com a sociedade objetivando a construção de um futuro melhor.

Aumentará sua participação na Indústria Siderúrgica Mundial com a produção de chapas de aços no Brasil e Coreia.
O constante desafio da Dongkuk Steel é manter-se como uma empresa siderúrgica tecnicamente competitiva no cenário mundial, utilizando os equipamentos da mais alta tecnologia.

Dongkuk Steel forte na tecnologia
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