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Over the last 68 years, Dongkuk Steel has kept the steel industry alive with its pride that the company as the first private steel enterprise lays the foundation for the national industry.
Beginning to produce first the wire rods essential for national reconstruction , the company operated a blast furnace first in the private sector. With the preemptive investment in technologies,
the company played a leading role to open the electric arc furnace era, and produced first Zn-coated steel, steel plates, EGI steel, and Pre-Coated Metal in Korea. Such numerous ‘first’ achievements of the company were attributable to the passion for business and the spirit of challenge with no fear of failure. Considerable passion aroused in the offshore of Yongho-dong, Busan spread widely to the world and expands to CSP Steel Mill in Brazil.

As shown in the history so far, Dongkuk Steel will go forward as the top ‘first mover’. With the 68-year potential and present-wisdom, the company will see the future 100 years.
Chang Sae Joo, Chairman of Dongkuk Steel
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