Social Contribution

  • Nanumjzigi

    People who share to make a better world

  • Songwon Culture Foundation

    Bigger ‘joy’ through ‘unity’ with Songwon Culture Foundation


Social Contribution

Share joyfully to make the world a better place- ‘Sharing’ is our deep rooted culture.The founder, Kyung-Ho Chang, gave back his whole private property of 3 billion won (current value as 300 billion won) to society and his donation became the firm spirit and social responsibility of Dongkuk Steel. Songwon Sang-Taae Chang, who donated special profit of 10 billion won made from relocating the main business unit from Busan to Pohang in 1996. Dongkuk Steel is actualizing sharing ‘with neighbors’ ever since established as we know the foundation of the firm is rooted in thecommunity.

Social welfare

Various regional volunteer activities take place in Seoul, Pohang, Incheon, Dangjin, and Busan, where our branches are located. Regional activities include helping those who are in need, volunteering, school sponsorship, donation and more.


We select excellent students from 14 universities in Gyeongsang, Chungcheong, Incheon and Seoul where our local branches are located with Songwon Cultural Foundation. The number of universities and students is increasing, and we also give practical support when they apply to our company.

Culture and art

Dongkuk Steel has been supporting culture and art field such as operas and musicals. We also operate Songwon Art Center which actively supports cultivation of young artists with high potentials.

NGO cooperation

Since 2005, Dongkuk Steel has been donating products to Beautiful Store and use the profit to support those who are neglected from the society. Also, we sponsor various events such as Green Art Festival Environmental Photo Exhibition.

Environmental preservation

Dongkuk Steel is actively involved with environmental cleanup in order to create clean and pleasant community. During flood and other disasters, we actively participate in disaster site reconstruction work with neighbors.

1 company 1 barrack

Dongkuk Steel has annually visited the ‘Nodo corps’ of the Army second division, its brother company as part of the ‘1 company 1 barrack’ program to thank them for their efforts. Dongkuk Steel offers special recruitment opportunities to officers from ‘Nodo corps.’

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