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Dongkuk Steel heads forward the future innovation.
Dongkuk Steel has achieved a proud history over the last half-century and has produced products and services to improve people’s quality of life. The driving force of the company is based on the spirit of innovation to head forward the future bravely. Beyond the pride of the best products, Dongkuk Steel has made its most effort for the innovation of all corporate activities. By launching the premium pre-painted brand ‘Luxteel’, the company overcame the stereotype of steel marketing. By introducing eco-arc furnace first and commercializing hot charge engineering technique to maximize energy efficiency, the company suggested the eco-friendly electric furnace business model.
The innovation of Dongkuk Steel goes toward humans. The labor-management harmony that has been accomplished over the last 28 years is now spreading the whole business. Dongkuk Steel will become an enterprise not only for its executives and employees, but for investors, stakeholders, communities, and those concerned for corporate activities.

Dongkuk Steel will grow to an innovative enterprise beyond a steel enterprise. Please keep supporting Dongkuk Steel.
Chang Sae Wook, Vice Chairman of Dongkuk Steel
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