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Total Solution Logistics Enterprise with the best Competitiveness
With the network of main ports and logistics bases, Intergis expands business areas to land transportation, marine transportation, international logistics & customers clearance, and storage, and does the best to meet customers’ needs.  Beyond the import & export logistics, the company enters into the domestic distribution business of goods to strengthen its position as a total solution logistics enterprise, and expands its global logistics business to China, Brazil, Vietnam, and other countries.
Tel 82-51-604-3333
Dongkuk Systems
Total ICT Solution Company with the best competitiveness
Dongkuk Systems is moving forward to be the 'Total ICT Solution Company with the best competitiveness'. Dongkuk Systems has a competitiveness developing solutions in various industries. In 2020, Dongkuk Systems will expand the external business through network business establishing, own solutions developing and aggressive networking. Dongkuk Systems will provide Total Customized ICT solutions to our customers.
Tel 82-2-2101-0900
Ferrum Infra
The most competitive group infrastructure company
Ferrum Infra was established to carry out the group infrastructure business, starting with the management of the group's buildings and Cafe Iris, we coronate the Ferrum Tower's Ferrum Hall, and manage a golf course in Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do. In addition, from 2020, we are expanding our business to not only Dongkuk Steel Group companies but also external customers by taking over the MRO business, which is a resource infrastructure business.
Tel 02-317-1410
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